Potty Training Video

Everything You Need to Know for Potty Training Your Pup!


If your puppy or dog is having housebreaking issues and has begun to think that your  indoor space is his personal toilet, then this video is for you.  Aly gives you 5 easy steps to help you design your perfect POTTY RITUAL!  In under 13 minutes, you'll know how to get your pup going POTTY in the perfect spot, and it's NOT in your living space!

Product Description

If your dog is over 8-weeks-old and you are having housebreaking issues,  this training video is for you!  You can avoid the major pitfalls most people make by following Aly’s 5 easy steps to establish a proper Potty Ritual for your pup or immature dog.  In under 13 minutes you will learn the facts about how to help your pup learn where it is appropriate to go potty; and most importantly, where it is not appropriate.  Your indoor living space is not your pup’s personal toilet and this video will show you, step by step, how to make it happen with your dog.


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