Life on Aly’s Acres – Come When Called Game

In this weeks lesson Aly is going to tell you all about the “come when called game” you can use with your pooch. This gives you more knowledge that can be applied on a daily basis to maintain your dog’s good behavior. Watch now to get started!

Life on Aly’s Acres – Leash Handling Basics

Did you know there is a right and wrong way to hold a leash? It’s important to do it correctly because that leash is a communication tool directly to your dog. You want to make sure you are communicating correctly! Watch this weeks vlog to learn leash handling basics!

Life on Aly’s Acres – Jumping

We here at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!!! How did your pup handle the craziness of the holiday? Any jumping on your guests?! We hope not, but no fear if you did experience that…watch Aly’s vlog this week! With a little practice using Aly’s tips you can get that jumping […]

Life on Aly’s Acres – The E-Collar

Here it is, the first full episode of the vlog…Life on Aly’s Acres. Today I want to talk about what some people think is a controversial tool…the E-Collar. I personally love the E-Collar and I want to tell you why!

Keep your Pooch off Santa’s ‘Naughty’ List…

Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town and all the relatives too…Tough on you and Tougher on your Pooch… If you want your pup to stay off Santa’s Naughty List, then remember, it’s the Season when your pooch needs protection from kids and over-exuberant adults. There are no days off or Holiday’s for dogs!!!   Pups […]

Does the Breed of my Dog Explain His Naughty Behavior?

Recently, a friend of mine posted that her Husky escaped her yard and disappeared for days!  She was seriously sleep deprived as she searched for her errant Husky.  Comments on her post ranged from “Well, what can you do?”  to “That’s just the way Husky’s are.”   I think we often use the “Breed Card” […]